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US vs Russia security guards (warning violence in videos )



This case got quite an amount of mediaattention as security guards did absolutely nothing to help this girl being beaten up like this, makes your stomach turn to be witness to such cowards in my opinion: Then stumbled across this one from Russia, ofcourse abit different situation but damn theese guys are fighting machines, some sick beating there: 


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This case got quite an amount of mediaattention as security guards did absolutely nothing to help this girl being beaten up like this, makes your stomach turn to be witness to such cowards in my opinion: Then stumbled across this one from Russia, ofcourse abit different situation but damn theese guys are fighting machines, some sick beating there: 

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Holy ****! That first one is horrifying! That's a GIRL!? And those guys WATCHED? You know why? American litigation. People are too scared to do anything for fear of being sued.

I've seen some pretty bad beatings... been on the bad end and given a few out. But STAMPING on a girl's face? What is wrong with people?

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can't hear the audio, but looks like 2 young girls fighting !! WTF is wrong with those guys ... once 1 girl goes to ground just step in and break it up. how u stand and watch someone getting ******* kicked in the head while they r on the ground !!!!

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That first video is horrible and shocking. Those guards and anyone standing around should be ashamed of themselves. It doesnt matter if they havent had training, you dont need to train to at least push someone away from someone who is lying on the floor...

That's America for you though, scared of the legal consequences of helping someone else out.

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I think yes the justice system has part of the guilt for this happening, not only in the US but also across europe, here its about to be standard that people look the other way, and i really really hate this trend.

Problem here though is not lawsuits, but the chance of getting convicted is fairly large if you get out on top, so it can actually be a pretty high price you have to pay to help other people. Also ofcourse fear as when violence occur its brutal, just like the stomping, its not 'good old days' anymore so if you decide to go in, you more or less have to be prepared for guns blazing.

Ive had a few encounters with unmotivated assaults and have to date always stepped in regardless, one of them which turned into a huge fight with a guy who kneed a girl in the stomach and after that tried to pull her into a toilet, it went to court where i was convicted, they totally ignored the situation and where it might have led to. Anyways never regretted it and dont regret it to this day, im able to look myself in the mirror when i wake up, which i would have a really tough time doing if i had experienced something and just let it happen without doing anything.

I cannot imagine the american guards going home that night, and then feel very happy about themselves, and doubt they are not wishing every day that they actually HAD done something, because it is so little that has to be done to prevent it, especially when considering in this case, its teenagers and girls and no weapons involved.

Would be nice if we could somehow make a legal system that didnt prevent the people who can/do act, and could be nice if people would try to put themselves into the victim's situation and the let all doubt of this and that a side, for msot cases very little has to be done to prevent things from escalating. But in some cases when you say A you have to be prepared for B, and unless you want to be a victim yourself you will be in a situation where you will possible have to break the law to prevent being a victim.

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Firstly, Lasse the thread title is quite silly as I don't see the relevence of a 'US v Russian' angle.

It is a sad indictment on humanity in general when these types of attackes occur in public and all around seem to go about their business without getting involved. We all agree that we would intervene but I would suggest that the footage shows why those untrained, unarmed and policy limited bus station security guards did not intervene.

It may be more due to the fact that the attacker was clearly supported by 6-8 guys standing around her (you can see 1 guy in the lime green collects the plastic bag and the guy in red picks up something that she drops. The footage shows them all dispersing together). We don't have audio but one would expect they were actively encouraging the attacker.

I'm not excusing the conduct of the guards at all but the context is very different if the 2 guards are surrounded by a group of 8 young guys patently supporting the girl attacking the 15 yr old. One would argue that they should still intervene and all of us probably still would. I sincerely doubt that Kelly the rich, blond white Fox anchor woman saying she would have done something with 8 black guys surrounding the assault!

What if it was two thai girls with the attacking female thai girl being supported by 8 thai guys encouraging her? I'm sure most farang guys would think twice before intervening directly.

Again no excuse at all but I see the context as being quite different than simply a matter of one teen girl bashing another.

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LakeGeneve: the "US vs Russia" you shouldnt put too much into, it was just meant as a teaser-headline to get you clicking, the two situations are very different.

Fear can easily be a motive for doing nothing for those guards, heck, for some people it wouldnt even take any supports to inflict fear that prevented them from acting out.

I know you dont support their actions, but i have to say that i cannot take the excuse seriously when it comes to the girl being stomped upon and kicked in the head like that when she is obviously unconscious, then in my book it goes from being violence which is bad enough to life and death situation, or at least possible for some serious injuries.

Yes its a chance that you might end up as a victim, but to just stand there and watch a person being massacred like that its beyong my horizon, maybe you save your a** by doing nothing, but man you will have to face your conscience for the rest of the life if that person end up dead or braindamaged for life.

Imagine everyone acted out when they saw stuff like this, then a pack of X supports would be no challenge, know its not how things work, but a little change in attitude maybe could be a nice change.

In that sitaution i dont buy fear even though its probably what happened, fear i could understand if we were talking about weapons in use, then its suddenly a huge dilemma that youre facing.

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I do think that the security guards need to be armed and trained to handle these situations. They need to do more than just call for help. The fact that there was three guards not just one, they should have been able to handle this easily. It is so sad that anyone would kick someone else in the head repeatedly and not think twice about it.

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@ Teddy-- sorry buddy,

but give me a f*cking break "that's America for you..."

never heard of it happening in the UK-- yeah right!

more like that's wussys for you and they are found world-wide

3 rent -a - cops that never thought they would ever have to do anything but pick their a*s while on "duty"

AND your right too... with three "guards" acted unconciousable , even if the attacker had support to the side

unless there were weapons not on camera, three guards could have stopped this kind of savage act

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Danno: Im just saying that in America has a more "suing culture" than most countries and yes, the UK isnt far behind either. People will sue over the dumbest **** so if one of the "guards" did push the girl away, she'll probably try and sue him for whiplash or some bullshit like that. You're right though, I shouldnt have pointed the finger souly at Americans.

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@ Teddy, thanks and I knee jerked into xenophobia at bit

Agree there are too many crazy suits...which does make some people

unfortunately pause or avoid taking the right action....It must go on because there

are civil lawyers all over the place...lucky I do know very many first hand accounts

--- most people know in their heart the right action to take, keep up the courage to do it!

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