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Bangkokian, stay calm and stay safe.


Bangkokian in my meaning is everyone who stay in Bangkok this moment. We might get flooded soon in all areas.

Some experts view in worst case scenario is 150 cm. (damn my height is 160 cm.)

There is an interesting video I wanna share with you guys, it's some information about flooding this time (except about the crocs)

It has English Subtitle. Let's watch and stay safe everyone.

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Khlong Prapa dyke gets popped



Ulit Makmaitri, Metropolitan Waterworks Authority assistant governor, told TV news that earlier tonight, ill-intentioned residents covertly destroyed sandbag dyke on Don Mueng side at 17 points about 1 metre breach for each spot.

Right now, MWA receives help from Pakkret Municipality and Corrections Department sending personnel and equipment to repair the damaged spots. The work should be finished tomorrow.

Mr Ulit begged for unstanding from the local residents that destroying the dyke would worsen tap water quality and quantity as the WMA has to lower production to make sure the water is up to WHO standard.

He also calls on the police to patrol the dykes along Khlong Prapa, especially at night.

Some people just have brain for only between their ears...

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Surely they would not be stupid enough to release high risk prisoners. Most countries use something called LSI-R ( Level of Service Inventory Revised) to assess the risk of people re-offending and how much harm they pose. Unsure if Thailand uses it, but they should have that or something similar. I do hope they have kept the murderers in and released the shoplifters, but knowing Thai bureaucracy...

i'd be pretty sure .... pretty sure they don't ******* use it !!!

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Things must really be getting bad


Thailand floods push tourists towards incredible India

NEW DELHI: More tourists are coming to India or travelling within the country due to the devastating floods in Thailand, the popular Southeast Asian budget destination where more than 400 people have lost their lives since July.

Foreign tourists are arriving in larger numbers and staying longer in India, while domestic travellers are looking at destinations such as Goa, Kerala and Andamans with renewed interest, industry experts say.

"There is a 5%-7% increase in inbound travel into India," said Ankur Bhatia, executive director at travel technology solutions conglomerate Bird Group, "Visitors from Western countries who want to tour various parts of Southeast Asia are staying back in India due to Thailand floods, increasing footfalls and spending more foreign exchange here this season."

Domestic destinations that fall in the same price bracket as Thailand have also gained over the past month, when floods started moving south towards the Thai capital Bangkok. "There was a 15%-17% jump in bookings for domestic destinations in October," Expedia (India) marketing head Manmeet Ahluwalia said.

At the same time, tour operators have been saddled with cancellations of bookings from domestic tourists bound for Thailand.

"There is a 20%-25% drop in bookings for Thailand this season (October-December), which has translated into an overall drop of 5%-7% in bookings for outbound travel," said Sunny Sodhi, vice-president (air product) at travel portal Yatra.com.

This has dragged down growth in bookings for international tours to 10%, lower than the 15% the Indian travel industry had projected in August, said Vimla Dorairaju of Mahindra Homestays.

Even as places like Pattaya and Phuket in Thailand remain relatively less affected, airlines connecting India and Thailand have dropped base-fares by 10%-15% in order to fill up capacity, executives say.

Along with India, other international destinations in the vicinity have also gained at the expense of Thailand, where about 2 million people are employed in tourism which contributes 6% to the national GDP. "People are opting for Dubai, Sri Lanka and Malaysia as alternative holiday destinations," said a spokesperson from travel portal Makemytrip.com.

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