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Anybody getting hit by scammers here?


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Is there anybody else getting hit by scammers here on this site?

- English_Bob

Now they become a millionaire couple living happily ever after over a thousand billion US dollars that the gf’ daddy secretly left in the bank after got assassination by anti-government terrorist somewhere in Africa.

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What?? Everyone was supposed to get a magic pill slipped into their drink before going to the basement. ADMIN?!!

Viagra hasn't been known to erase memories. Besides I took it voluntarily as I just wanted to be part of the "club". The old TF events were certainly different to these days.

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On the contrary, she let's me in the house nowadays, for a couple of hours at least.

BTW, what does "I'm I am now rapped " mean? Typical Donna spelling mistakes eh.

Rapped -- nope not that time! an inside joke to another member; thanks for your attention to detail,

And glad to hear Missy is warming up, she's Tuff! (hint: clean the house up after yourself, Stevie said that is why she keeps you around ;) )

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