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The cameras on phones are improving day by day. I'm starting this thread with only one rule: Only photos taken with the camera built into your phone allowed. No SLR's or pocket cameras.

I will start us of with two or three. These were all taken on my iPhone, but I did use an HDR app, and an app called Colour Splash for the last one.

Taken from BBC restaurant near Big Buddha:



Below taken near Big Buddha:IMG_0190.jpg

Last one taken on Chaweng Beach:


Now get clicking and posting.

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Attached images won't show on the forum. You can use a forum-poster good old friend. "Photobuket" and copy code and paste it on the forum.

Hope this helps

I will have to create an account then... *Sigh* Life is so dotdotdot at times :S

Thanks Pandorea and FH for your advice...

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There seems to be a glitch with uploading images.

I attach the image from the URL and click 'save'.

It doesn't show the image.

So then I click 'edit' on my post and add the picture again. This time the input box is easier and shows the picture properly.

Yea, the upload thing seems to have gone **** up a few weeks ago. try %7Boption%7D and put the link in the middle. Seems to work for me.

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I'm too tired to try and replicate the problem...anyone wanna give me a massage and sing to me?

I can sing to you with a little bit of accent .... I am sorryyyy...so sorryyy... that I was such a fool... I didn't know love can be so cruel... oh..oh..oh..oh..yeaahh.. Brenda lee of course.

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