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Tear Jerker Movies

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Titanic .... it was that f**king bad it had me in tears for 3 hours of my life i'd just f**king wasted !!!! :cry: :cry:

but i did get a shag from the girl who'd wanted to go see the movie so i guess it wasn't all bad !! :twisted: :twisted:

i was 17 that time!!!

i mean during the release of the movie! :lol:

the "in" was betamax in our hometown but when i went to the city for my college entrance exam i took the chance to watch it in big screen.

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:) Titanic, definitely.

i cried after watching Titanic .... probably the worst f**king movie i've ever f**king watched !! :roll: :roll:

=)u mean u cried cz its so terribly horrid a movie?tot dat part bt rose glimpsin d rescue boat n then found jack frozen2death n havin2let go of him into d water was the tearjeakin climax haha:) my then bf who watch it wit mi was grumbling n snorin thru d entire movie til it got2d part when d ship sank-oni then did it get his interest a bitsy but his tears cudnt stop comin at d dat climax i mention n HE wasnt dat kinda sensitive new age guy!=)
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